Agata Kukwa

Agata Kukwa

Entrepreneur, interim manager, consultant

I’m digital communications entrepreneur, interim manager, journalist, startup mentor & public speaker.
Headquarters: Poland, cooperating globally.

Markets insanely sexy to me:

– start-ups & early stage companies (interim management, mentoring, advisory)
– venture capital (communication, brand management, project sourcing)
– science (knowledge&tech transfer)
– Central and Eastern European tech markets (stimulating growth, introducing western companies to CEE markets)

I am willing to cooperate with entities operating on those markets.

Since 2011 I’ve helped over 30 early stage brands to enter the market or improved their online performance. In 2012 I joined awesome¬†team of Black Pearls VC and gained experience on venture capital market as a non-exec. communication director. I also worked as a personal brander improving professional image of managers and scientists.

I am willing to share my knowledge and experience with others as a speaker or startup mentor. I performed of speeches on communication, personal branding, teasing investors and entrepreneurship. I spent hundreds of hours mentoring startups and solving the most urgent problems of several early stages.