7th-9th July 2017, Olsztyn, Poland

Startup Weekend Olsztyn

Role: Global facilitator

Expertise: supporting organizing team, facilitating the event

10th-12th March 2017, Reutlingen, Germany

Startup Weekend Reutlingen

Role: Global facilitator

Expertise: supporting organizing team, facilitating the event

17th-19th February 2017, Rome, Italy

Startup Weekend Rome

Role: Mentor

Expertise: Digital communications for startups

16th-17th February 2016, Warsaw, Poland

Rockit Digital Summit

Role: Speaker

Subject: Why digital communications for seniors suck?

12th December 2016, Yerevan, Armenia

Empowering Ideas Startups and Development Global Forum

Role: Speaker

Subject: Cooperation opportunities in CEE region.

15th November 2016, Torun, Poland

Geek Girls Carrots

Role: Speaker

Subject: Most common discrimination mistakes women make

7-9th November 2016, Krakow, Poland

KRK Road to Success Acceleration Program

Role: Mentor & Speaker

Expertise: Digital communications for startups

4th-6th November 2016, Szczecin, Poland

Startup Weekend Szczecin Smart City / IoT

Role: Global Facilitator

Expertise: supporting organizing team, facilitating the event

28th-30th October, Bucharest, Romania

Startup Weekend Bucharest

Role: Mentor

Expertise: Digital communications & sales mentor

23rd-25th June 2016, Bucharest, Romania

Young Leaders Club

Role: Mentor & Workshop Trainer

Expertise: Approaching investors (seed round)

28th November 2016, Tarnow, Poland

Investment Forum in Tarnow

Role: Speaker

Subject: 5 steps to perfect online image

4th June 2016, Wroclaw, Poland

Tech Saturdays

Role: Mentor

Expertise: Digital communications

28th April 2016, Chisinau, Moldova

Moldova ICT Summit

Role: Speaker

Subject: What is the role of investors in startup ecosystems?

26th April 2016, Chisinau, Moldova

Founders Institute Chisinau

Role: Panelist

Subject: Advice for beginning tech entrepreneurs

23rd-25th April 2016, Chisinau, Moldova

The Changers Challenge

Role: Avisor

Expertise: Building strategy for tech entrepreneurship in Moldova

4th-6th March 2016, Wroclaw, Poland

Startup Weekend Wrocław

Role: Mentor

Expertise: Digital communications, approaching investors

6th February 2016, Chisinau, Moldova

Rockit Digital Summit

Role: Panelist

Subject: Startup infrastructure and collaboration between countries

14th January 2016, Warsaw, Poland

Social Media Thursday

Role: Speaker

Subject: Community based approach in online media

13th January 2016, Gdynia, Poland

FuckUp Nights

Role: Speaker

Subject: How not to organize an event

22nd December 2015, Gdansk, Poland

Interizon Day

Role: Organiser

Expertise: Event for ICT cluster members and investors (approx. 100 participants)

4th December 2015, Gdansk, Poland

Galileo Master Poland

Role: Co-organiser

Expertise: Awards ceremony of Galileo Masters Poland competition

25th November 2015, Gdansk, Poland

Venture Day

Role: Track Organizer

Expertise: Science to business tech transfer & commercialisation

27th October 2015, Torino, Italy

UBI Global, Torino

Role: Panelist

Expertise: The future of incubation hubs

2nd-5th October 2015, Gdansk, Poland

Startup Weekend Space Gdańsk

Role: Co-organizer

Expertise: Member of organising team

17th September 2015, Gdansk, Poland

Central European Startup Awards Poland

Role: Ambassador & Organiser

Expertise: Polish finale of CESA

29th May 2015, Gdansk, Poland


Role: Workshop Trainer

Expertise: Online communications for startups

26th May 2015, Poznan, Poland


Role: Panelist

Subject: Investments in early stage tech companies

26th April 2015, Gdynia, Poland

Wolves Summit

Role: Panelist

Subject: Early stage investments

10th-12th April 2014, Bremen, Germany

Startup Weekend Space Bremen

Role: Mentor

Expertise: Pitching & approaching investors

18th March 2015, Warsaw, Poland

Open Reaktor

Role: Speaker

Subject: My experiences from acceleration program

10th March 2015, Gdansk, Poland


Role: Speaker

Subject: Crowdsourcing in online communications

27th August 2014, Gdansk, Poland

Business Link

Role: Business trainer

Expertise: Online branding

7th August 2014, Gdynia, Poland

Strefa Startup Gdynia

Role: Speaker

Subject: How to approach investors?

11th June 2014, Gdansk, Polan

Development Initiation Forum

Role: Moderator

Subject: Technology transfer from science to business

9th June 2014, Sopot, Poland

Geek Girls Carrots

Role: Speaker

Subject: Women in investment industry

15th April 2014, Gdansk, Poland

Young Talents from Pomerania

Role: Speaker

Subject: Bright and dark sides of entrepreneurship

1st September 2013, Gdynia, Poland

Business Week Alumni Inauguration

Role: Speaker

Subject: The importance of personal online image

February – March 2013, Szczecin & Warsaw, Poland

Business Leaders Mentoring Program

Role: Mentor

Expertise: Online marketing and communications

20th October 2012, Sopot, Poland

Young Business Festival

Role: Speaker

Subject: Experiential marketing

23rd May 2012, Gdansk, Poland

Entrepreneurial Women

Role: Speaker

Subject: Think Like a Lady, Act Like a Boss